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Agriculture machinery industry grows increasingly robust.
Recently, the Ministry of Finance issued notice provinces ( area, city, arrangement ) purchase of agricultural subsidies in 2012notice of a total of 13000000000yuan, and in 2011 the first batch of allowance fund 11000000000 yuan, an increase of 2000000000 yuan. The national increase in the agricultural machinery equipment support at the same time, in the product innovation, attract investment and safety supervision links also increased strength, published relevant policy.
Agricultural innovation blossom everywhere around
It is understood, in developed countries, especially in the agricultural labour force with less the United States, agricultural machinery to large, wide, high speed and high productivity of the direction of development, and the realization of mechanization based on progressively to the automation of the production process of transition. Electronic technology, electronic computer technology and other advanced science and technology, the agricultural machinery product design manufacturing and has an extensive application. Our country in last few years, because the country publishs policy of each benefit farming, agricultural subsidies, many farmers are competing to buy large advanced high-end machinery equipment, making the domestic agricultural market expands rapidly, the rapid development of agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises.
In the second session of the China ( Shanxi) special agricultural products trade fair, agriculture machinery exhibition become a major bright spot. Shanxi University, Shanxi Technology and Business University, Professor of economics, vice president Rong peace in" China United Daily News" interviews indicated:" Shanxi as an energy and resource big province, the equipment manufacturing industry is a strategic industry, including agricultural machinery equipment development also nots allow to ignore. The agricultural fair is not only produce the event, it is agriculture machinery."
Shanxi saves agriculture machinery bureau chief Wang Liwei at the agricultural fair representation, second agricultural fair than the first agricultural fair exhibitors from more than 60to more than 90, the breed also by the past200 a variety of up to more than 400, formed a relatively complete some fist product and series product, show agriculture machinery industry and agriculture machinery changes development prospect. In addition, the number of signatories already rose from 1400000000 yuan to2200000000 yuan. Among them, only corn combine harvesting machinery production line investment amount reached300000000 yuan. Agriculture machinery product categories, regardless of agrarian, kind, collect, processing, livestock, or the facilities agriculture, both the full display of the modern agriculture material equipment.
It is understood, in recent years, China and Belarus in the agricultural machinery cooperation has made breakthrough progress, Belarus's two largest machinery manufacturing enterprises in Harbin the East Homyel Agricultural Machinery Company Limited and Harbin East Minsk Tractor Company Limited in Harbin, a large of silage harvester, corn harvester, tractor of great horse power production line has been completed put into production, is expected to 2013, two projects annual production value of up to $2500000000.
Cotton of Shandong Province as one of important economic crop, also grow an area bigger, scale and regional high degree of economic crop, grow an area all the year round at about 13000000 acres, hold complete province about economic crop to grow an area nearly 30%, resides the second in the whole nation. Therefore, the cotton harvest mechanization innovation appears particularly important. Shandong Provincial Agricultural Machinery Management Bureau Director Lin Jianhua expresses to media, complete province cotton producing areas are the development of cotton production mechanization is put on the agenda, to establish cotton harvesting mechanization demonstrative base of innovation, and strive to explore the cotton production whole process mechanization way and the way to promote the cotton production, especially in cotton harvest mechanization development efforts.
Increase of agricultural machinery safety supervision
Recently, general office of the Ministry of Agriculture issued a" national agricultural machinery safety supervision" Twelfth Five" planning" (hereinafter referred to as" planning" ). So far,"925" during, countrywide agriculture machinery changes development about" planning" has been promulgated.
It is understood, in order to achieve the" Twelfth Five-Year Plan" objectives, farm machinery safety supervision work will promote the realization of" four change", implementation of the four key projects. The advancement of regulatory links by using operation to the whole process of mechanization of farming change; promote the supervision by a tractor, combine harvester to all agricultural machinery change; promote supervision from management to service and management to pay equal attention to change; promote the supervision by the traditional means to transform to modernization, and the implementation of" safe agriculture machinery" construction, safety supervision standardization construction project safety supervision, equipment and information construction engineering.
According to the" planning" requirements, at the same time also developed six safeguard measure, namely, strengthen organization and leadership, implementation of safety responsibility, strive for the government to agriculture machinery safe production seriously, agriculture machinery safe production is integrated into all levels of national economic and social development planning, in the government assessment target; to strengthen the construction of laws and regulations, perfect regulations system, further improve the rules and regulations, safety standards, rules and safety inspection standard, accelerate the development of agricultural machinery field safety inspection way, advance endanger personal and property safety of free-site safety inspection of agricultural machinery system; strengthen safety enforcement, promote the standardized management; strengthen innovation, perfect supervision mechanism; strengthens oneself construction, improve supervision ability; strengthen the propaganda, to create a good atmosphere.
Agricultural mechanization for agriculture and national economy development to provide support and security, is an important symbol for the modern agriculture. Through the country in improving agricultural machinery supervision measures, believe that the agricultural machinery development road will also be more flat, and throughout the enterprise to increase mechanical to agriculture to invest strength and level of innovation, new agricultural machinery equipment will play a better role.

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