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Goals and Mission

       To build the world's advanced level of technology R & D center and advanced resource integration, integration of the advantages of the use of global resources, the World Wind Group in global development services to support the Group's global brand strategy is the goal of the World Wind.

The main tasks

      World Wind Technology Center mainly on the following five aspects of work:
     1. The integration of the global scientific and technological resources, to achieve the commercialization of advanced technology projects continue to provide technical support for the international development of the world wind;
     2. Integrated software resources to enhance the value-world style products, and to achieve cost savings;
     3. presided over the formulation and implementation of technical standards, China has become the world's wind and owner of technical standards, improve public morals and technological strength of Chinese household electrical appliances;
     4. World Wind Group provides technical support and R & D capabilities in global manufacturing, procurement, services sector;
     5. The dynamic tracking, collecting, analyzing developments in the global economy, market, technology, and provide the basis for the World Wind Group's decisions.


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