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    ZHEJIANG SHIFENG MACHINERY CO., LTD .is a new drag within Jinyun County Machinery Factory, founded in March 2000, it is a professional production of walking tractor and diesel engine business. After seven years of hard work, the rapid development of company size, staff increased to 180, of whom have senior professional titles eight people. 2007 land 27,100 square meters, the new plant area of ​​25,300 square meters with a registered capital of 15 million yuan, changed its name to Zhejiang Machinery Co., Ltd. World Wind.
    With modern standards plant, the company become more development, new technology and equipment, strong technical team and advanced ISO9001 quality management system have become a big company step development booster, from 2009 to 2011, the company exports the output value of 50% for three consecutive years to maintain growth, is the peer of the fastest growing business, sales once nearly $ 300 million.
    In 2012 the company acquired a central air-conditioning business has a history of 13 years of development, into the air conditioning industry series, the successful implementation of diversification, leap-forward development. Companies with more than ten years of precipitation and air conditioning technology manufacturing experience, the product continuously updated, recently developed a large range of energy-saving water saving treasure, with less investment and quick, long life and other advantages. Widely used in hotels, hotels, hospitals, schools, water baths and other investment and transformation, is called saving treasure US customers. To protect the interests of customers, the company provides the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of a full range of solutions for central air-conditioning and hot water project to customers.
    At present, the company has developed into a production tractor-based, air-conditioning and central air-conditioning products, supplemented by extending the diversified development of export-oriented enterprises. It has two Division, a South Korean R & D center, while with the Zhejiang Agricultural Machinery Institute to establish a strategic partnership to promote product development. The company's leading product type workers and peasants 121,151,181, 121,151,181 Dongfeng walking tractor, the annual production capacity of 30,000 units, more than 95 percent of products exported to Southeast Asia more than ten countries and regions, product quality, customers generally praise, export volume ranked second in the same industry.
    In the results before the World Wind will not be satisfied with yesterday's glories, we will redouble their efforts to realize the dream of tomorrow.

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