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Practical operation experience of walking tractor
Walking tractors in rural in common use, but due to the lack of new machine hand tractor knowledge and operation skill, faults often occur, leading to delay farming season, low efficiency phenomenon. According to the walking tractor technical training data and some machine hand practice experience, walking tractor operation techniques were introduced, for hand machine reference.
In 1, before starting, machine hand should be checked and added full engine, the diesel oil and cooling water, plus foot gear box gear oil and various oil label to meet the specification requirements.
In 2, when starting, the throttle is placed in the stop position, press the decompression handle, crank rocking engine20,50empty, let oil the whole machine, at the same time should observe the oil indicator valve will rise. And then placed in the throttle throttle position, engine decompression after the turn, when reporting up to 100rpm, rapid release decompression handle, the engine can start normally.
3, starting immediately after the not put into operation, should be in the position of the throttle operating about 5 minutes, the observed engine operation is normal, otherwise should be down to identify causes and troubleshooting.
In 4, when the engine cooling water temperature of60 degrees C above input load operation,75C and 95degrees C for load assignment optimal water temperature.
In 5, operation using the clutch should be separated, to quickly and thoroughly, combine the clutch should slow. It is prohibited to clutch at half separation condition.
In 6, the shift should be gentle non-meng hanging, from low-grade upshifting should first improve the speed, and then separating the clutch and throttle, high gear. From the high-grade change speed and vice versa.
In 7, running to maintain a safe speed. In through the city, town, village, narrow, curved, on the downhill, crossing, bridge and other places, no more than 15km / h..
In8, tractor transport operations, must obey the traffic rules. Tractor forbid speeding, overweight, high, long, wide operation, no manned, no passenger.
In 9, no neutral downhill slide, is strictly prohibited downhill and pinch on both sides of the steering handle.
10, it is strictly prohibited to give a driver driving a tractor. ( Xu Shujie )

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