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Correctly grasp the walking tractor downhill turning method
A walking tractor factory workers and peasants - 12 type walking tractor" manual" safety speed diagram indicate: single movement speed is less than or equal to 7km / h. In the larger slopes downhill, pinch left to right, right to left pinch.
After a long practice and accident analysis, I think the walking tractor downhill turning method, not comprehensive, is not science. Because the slope of size of this idea is not clear, the walking tractor in slope is very small and steep road downhill, steering methods are different.
Therefore, must make clear in theory walking tractor downhill slope is very small and larger gradient concept, in order to help machine hand grasping hand tractor steering method. Ensure running safety.
1walking tractor downhill is how to turn
A downhill walking tractor driving wheel speed V, the speed of respectively V left, right V, tractor, V = V = V right left.
When the rolling downhill slope is larger, the inertia force and the decline of locomotive diesel engine force greater than gravity, the locomotive to turn to the right, then the machine hand reverse grip (i.e. left clutch ), the locomotive left drive wheel for neutral, V left with the same speed locomotive locomotive, and the right driving round due to continue by traction drive, because of the traction force is less than the locomotive inertia force and sliding force, traction is resistance, and left V = V, therefore, V right < V left, at this time, the locomotive around the right rotation of the drive wheels. And the realization of locomotive turn right turn.
When the rolling downhill slope is not great, locomotive inertia force and sliding force is less than the locomotive traction when the locomotive, to achieve the right turn. If the machine hand to pinch the reverse grip ( i.e. left clutch ). Because of the driving wheel is still under locomotive traction drive, so V right and locomotive with speed, because the left driving wheel is neutral, its driving force only locomotive inertia force and a declining force; the left V < V right = V, therefore, locomotives around the left driving wheel to rotate, so that the locomotive suddenly to the left of the steering, extremely easy to cause the accident.
2the proper use of walking tractor downhill turning method
Because road condition is complex, it is difficult to distinguish between the tractor downhill slope, therefore, the walking tractor steering angle is downhill, as far as possible the use of sliding armrest frame method to achieve steering.
Tractor brake downhill available approach, so that the tractor in the braking state, and tractor steering method to ground.
In confirmation of road slope is large (greater than the critical gradient ), available pinch reverse steering handle method of locomotive bogie. In confirmation of road slope is small (less than the critical gradient ), can be used to pinch with steering handle method of locomotive bogie. ( Wu Fan )

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