Acceptance of Zhejiang world wind Ma...
   learning development
    Study abroad: go abroad on the market investigation, market insight and analysis of learning ability and broaden the horizons of understanding the world leading questions.
Full-time program: through participated in 658 focus business school training project, open class, or go to other external training, forum or continuing education, visit, workshop, enhance the specific abilities, and to broaden their horizons, to understand the role of advanced learning content.

    Self learning: employee can borrow books / magazines, through mobile phone book learning or information receiving, through the Internet to search the information and learning resources and other forms of self learning.
    Post learning ( including learn from others, to learn at work ):"70/20/10" learning idea, help the staff to improve their learning activities and only 10% from the formal classroom learning,20% from the guidance, counselling, book learning, while 70% derived from the work of post practice.

    •occupation development
    Each adhering to the "creation of resources, reputation as a global" the public spirit and the " single-person-one, quick victory" style style style people are eager for their career aspirations and social goal and vision to combine, in the style of the occupation development.

    The manners and morals of the time for each employee to provide an equal occupation development stage. Through "can person on, light let, Yongzhe"," own development" occupation development mode to give each employee development of autonomous right, let the right people in the right position, give full play to people's initiative, give one"     on" space for the display can, in creating value for customers. Process to realize their own value.

    In" can person on, light let, Yongzhe"," own development" occupation development mode, the manners and morals of the time for employees to build" management + professional" occupation development of dual channel, to help employees achieve in social development. Integrated management of quality of strong, able to lead the team to achieve the vision style can through the management of channel longitudinal promotion / lateral occupation transformation to achieve the general mood of society occupation development. Outstanding professional skills, in the professional field breakthrough style people through professional channels of the longitudinal promotion / lateral occupation transformation to     achieve the general mood of society occupation development.

    Employees in the general mood of society occupation success ultimately depends on personal interests and goals, business strategy and objectives, the individual enterprises in the occupation opportunity three aspects of organic integration. Employees through the development of personal development goals, self assessment, selection of appropriate training resources, develop individual development plan and implement to close the gap, to enhance their ability. At the same time, the staff at any time through the related channel to understand the internal demand of the post, consistent with the goals of employees can be based on individual goals and interests to independent competition, final implementation in the general mood of society occupation development.

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